Friday, February 20, 2009


For those of you who have known James his whole life, you may know that Chris and I were able to snap one of our favorite photos of James during his first bath at two weeks old. I had never seen a child that young with a smile so big. Whose heart wouldnt be melted by the deep dimple and those big blue eyes? WAIT! Did I mention the mohawk? Well, the other night we decided we would try out the mohawk again... just for ol times sake and daggone it if we didnt snap another one of my favorites. Thank you Lord for this little guy! Boy, is he a blessing!

Sick Day

James has the croup! He has been a bear the last couple of days. The steroids make him active and he is very sensitive. These photographs reflect the mood of the day... from happy, to playful, to pretending to drink from Rudy's water bowl (YUCK!), to all tuckered out. Poor little grouchy fella!